Jesse Webb of Kansas City rushed onto the stage during a Britney Spears concert on Wednesday in Las Vegas and created quite the stir. He blamed the media for blowing the incident out of proportion. Courtesy Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

All he wanted to do was dance, he says.

Britney Spears had just finished singing “(You Drive Me) Crazy” when this crazy little thing happened on stage in Las Vegas Wednesday night.

Jesse Webb, 37, of Kansas City, jumped on stage to dance.

He didn’t get much of a chance before a group of Spears’ topless backup dancers and security personnel muscled him to the floor.

At first, Spears did not see the scuffle at the other end of the Planet Hollywood stage. But then members of her security team surrounded her. She was visibly shaken.

Britney Spears – Man crashes Las Vegas show
Credit: X17Online/YouTube

“Is everything okay? What’s going on,” she could be heard asking.

“He’s got a gun?” she asked, visibly unnerved as one of her knees buckled.

She was led off stage, and the show continued after a brief delay.

There was no gun, but there were plenty of photos and video snippets on social media.

The incident made international headlines, from TMZ to Britain’s Daily Mail with headlines such as this from Romper: “What Happened At Britney Spears’ Concert? It Looked Absolutely Terrifying.”

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