5 Best Selena Summer Outfits

After breaking through as a child star on Disney Channel, the music world has seen Selena Gomez’s career climb The Hot 100 chart with a total of ten songs under her belt. While her latest musical offering is certainly more mature, Gomez’s fashion sense has followed a similar growth, filled with the perfect blend of ladylike pieces in varying tones and textures. Fortunately for Selenators, her Summer 2017 wardrobe is no different. Below, Billboard rounded up five of the best outfits Selena Gomez’s has worn during Summer 2017.

5 Date Night with The Weeknd in Summer White

4 Reimagining Millenial Pink with Miu Miu

3 Concert Chic

2 Selena Struts Her Stylish Outfit in SoHo

1 Girls Night Out

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